Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration used at our dental office to restore the size, shape, and function of extensively damaged teeth. Dental crowns are caps or covers that encase teeth up to the gumline. We often use crowns to support large fillings or to restore teeth with little original tooth structure remaining. Unlike large filling, which may stress  the tooth walls, crowns wrap around the tooth like rings around a barrel, which helps to reinforce the structure of the tooth. Often made from porcelain or zirconium, dental crowns are also pleasing to the eye and can be matched to your natural tooth color. Dr. DeLapa, our experienced dentist, provides high-quality dental crowns.

Restoring teeth with dental crowns generally takes two visits to our dental office in South Salem, New York. Our crowns are custom made to fit your natural bite and smile. During your first visit, Dr. DeLapa will prepare the teeth and then take measurements and molds from which your dental crowns restoration will be fashioned.  All decay is removed and, the tooth is lightly buffed and reshaped to accommodate the dental crown. Once the crown has been prepared by our expert dental laboratory, Dr. DeLapa will ensure the dental crown fits perfectly with your smile. He will then permanently cement the crown into place. To learn more about dental crowns and how they can restore your smile, please call or visit our dental office.